Printing Packaging & Production Workers Union of North America (PPPWU)

PPPWU represents workers in all craft and skill areas in printing including newspapers, magazines, catalogs, books, high-end commercial print, plastics for the food and medical industry, packaging including corrugated box and paper food containers, metal cans for food and industrial liquids, engraving and gravure for flooring and wallpaper, credit cards, government employees who print US and Foreign currency, passports and secure ID’s.

We have members throughout the United States and Canada.

Why the PPPWU?

The PPPWU fights for workers’ rights and benefits.

The PPPWU provides workers with a powerful, collective voice to communicate with management – there is strength in unity.

Our Mission

The Printing Packaging & Production Workers Union of North America pledges to work for our Members to ensure that you have the best contracts in place so that you and your families can enjoy security and prosperity from the fruits of your labor. This is best accomplished by having experienced representation from your existing Locals and District Councils and from Officers, Board Members, and Representatives with decades of experience working and representing workers in your industry.

Given the state of work in our current world, we believe that people must unite to obtain the full reward of their labor. We believe it is a natural right of working people to enjoy the wealth created by their labor to the full extent. And that workers should exercise their rights cooperatively and economically for the benefit of all people. Regardless of your specific needs, the union is here to help.


Member Resources

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