The Graphic Communications Benevolent Trust Fund (BTF) provides death benefits to beneficiaries of eligible members in Participating Local Unions.

Death Benefits

The Board of Trustees approved a benefit increase effective July 1, 2021, with benefit amounts between $1,000 and $3,625.

The amount of the death benefit payable on behalf of a deceased participant depends on several factors:

1) The Participant’s date of death

2) Whether the Participant was active or in exempt status

3) If exempt, when the Participant became exempt from the contribution obligation to the Fund

4) The number of months/years of continuous contributions to the Fund.

For active members with dates of death on or after July 1, 2021, benefits range from $1,165 for new members (one to six months of membership) to $3,625 for those with at least three years of membership. Benefits are also payable on behalf of eligible retirees.

Plan Participation

All members of Participating Local Unions, who are in good standing with their Local Union (and the PPPWU and Unifor), are eligible to participate in the Fund, regardless of age. All members of newly established PPPWU Local Unions also participate in the Fund.  Contact the Fund for information on how your Local can become a participating local.  Click here for a directory of Participating Local Unions.

All new participants of the Benevolent Trust Fund pay a one-time inaugural fee of $8.00. After that, active participants pay $1.00 per month. Participants actively serving in the armed forces of the United States or Canada and participants who have honorary life membership are exempt from paying the special per capita tax.

Funding and Administration

The BTF is funded by participant contributions and investment earnings. Fund assets are segregated from union assets and maintained in a trust fund for the exclusive purpose of providing death benefits to beneficiaries of deceased eligible members and for defraying reasonable administrative expenses of the plan. The trust fund is registered with the Internal Revenue Service and is a tax-exempt organization under the Internal Revenue Code.

The Fund is administered by a board of trustees comprised of PPPWU Officers, members of the PPPWU General Board, and one member from a participating Unifor Local Union. The day-to-day operations are overseen by an administrator appointed by the board of trustees. The administrator reports to the Fund’s Executive Committee between trustees’ meetings.

Refer to the most recent Summary Plan Description (SPD) for more information.