Why Join a Union?

The PPPWU fights for workers’ rights and benefits.

  • Unions raise wages for all workers. Workers with union representation enjoy a significant pay premium compared to non-union workers.
  • Unions promote equal pay for all workers. Unions are a unique solution to closing the gender pay gap and ensuring equitable pay for women.
  • Union representation offers greater access to, and participation in, employer-sponsored retirement plans. 93 percent of unionized workers in private industry have access to employer-sponsored retirement plans, compared to only 66 percent of non-union workers.
  • Union members have a paid leave advantage. Union workers are far more likely to have paid leave paid leave from their employers when they are sick or take vacation.
  • Scheduling predictability allows workers to enjoy better work/life balance. Workers with union representation get significantly more advance notice of their work schedules than non-union workers.
  • Enforcement of safety and health laws is stronger at unionized workplaces. Workers with a union have greater protection against retaliation when they report workplace safety and health concerns and when requesting a government inspection.
  • Unions contribute to upward mobility for workers and lessen the extent of downward mobility. With the wage and benefit premium and economic security that union representation provides, workers represented by unions have more financial stability and upward mobility.

60 million non-union workers in the U.S. say they would join a union if given the chance, but many don’t know where to begin.

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